The actual Stores overall master expectations!!!! Chain Store gross sales up around % normally with many stores along the lines of Express Nordstrom together over %. Macys had been up %... What's key to note is that the majority of purchases now are of a high price merchandise without any discounts or offers.. Dow responds from dropping points.... Remove food stamp and additionally welfare money in addition to sales go down Cut government while you cut the companies that this feeds Employing definition of crony capitalism That's why if there are cuts it's always all out warfare when they all have the factions I mean it may a charity and generate an income and give oneself a million dollar salary Needless to say the smart people get into military because all you have to do is pay a handful of foreigners to ruin people or threaten topeople and then the money keeps coursing. Cut government --cut GDP---cut wall st---depression form dollar is tripe the smart types in Washington have to just teach their own ignorant breatheren and we're able to all work along to devalue the dollar and start richer by possessing shit for very little today and repaying. with interest, much less tomorrow in substantial goods.... Too quite a few fucking dummies of which don't even "get" it all,. YOY means little or nothing when stores usually are closingI bet China is creating a Steve Jobs clone to get along with most of the fake Apple outlets. KingMoneyNYC is some sort of STUPID fucked-up cunt STUPID FAZ/FAS SPECULATOR -- these trades ought to be banned. It's not really game anymore, it is a fuckin' roulette bring. FUCK YOU as well as your STUPID game, shit inuit art print inuit art print bird. Won't tell us what he feels.

Anyone looking for a Real Estate Assistant? Hi, I've just went to Ventura and am looking to help someone with need. I've currently hold a real Estate License around CA. and want to work with a professional Real estate person. I've worked in lending for years now and have good knowledge of lending, as well as being the Real Estate area. I started out during this business as any Transaction Coordinator, so i can handle that side as well. I am superb at cross-selling and may also pretty much take all the deal from "cradle to make sure you grave". I've worked on several different types of deals. Ranging from single/multi family items, commercial, construction, hard-money, rural etc.. You won't really need to worry about this representation of every I am great at developing a personal relationship having clients while sticking to a leadership role in the deal. Please consider me if you think I might become of service. Contact me @ ScottWalkerHomeLoans@. com if you would like me to send a resume' and even set up a interview. Thanks! Scott Walker.

RecruiterHelp, I will have to say you have got me ROFLMAO! Really. he's a authentic joker, alright! "... it is a wonderful time to start be prepared for the hiring blitz that starts off in Mid The month of january and on to Feburary"It was meant to help people focus and turn prepared for the job search within. People on this forum want to take and twist posts similar to a pretzel, at this point I know that shall be expected though.: -) And kudos for your requirements for bring upward archivesFolks appreciate program and various POVsThicker the particular betterGIRTH! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAie older plus wider (sic)snickersorry I follow my own, personal path assume very much? Anyway, it's supposedly some sort of public forum as well as the need for humor is usually as important as p spagettie and meatballs spagettie and meatballs roviding "wisdom". Agreed, humor can be an important element with a successful life and public forum: -Pain't undoubtedly about it; -)your pleasant, i guessI am concerned with you. You will have to stop reading these hr mangement memos! Step far from the terminology. RH, I do believe I Warned You About it. Can You mean 'generic'? Try to recollect what I told you a couple weeks ago. Not worried about those who find themselves here for enjoyment sake HHP. If someone thinks they know very well what I am expression, than good for the ren. Everyone is at different level, you and I am aware that.

When you take out a names of OWS and some people on the following board, You basiy have somewhat poor making fun of the very poor because they've already no money...... You guys here are all Somewhat inadequate. But I tell you what, the people by OWS are prob having a much better time in your life than you happen to be with your BALONEY job and many of the crap it makes you fail to see. What is lifetime really about? Being a good slave to your wealthy man so that you can enjoy a few life's luxuries every so often? Or enjoying your family, friends and life.

Want America to begin the process saving?little ones... What can't the Chinese not conduct. They wwwwwwwwwww% in the event their female produced babies and hammer years later his or her's saving rate begins jumping up! Marvelous. They deserve this shit. OR like black guys they are take our fats white breally. quite. Horribly racist tall tale on that take note of, but here goes Not so much bull c lawn darts game lawn darts game rap as an ancedote. "Black dudes could fuck a freezer or fridge because it's substantial and white"TRUE TRUEOnly Concern is Asians enjoy a rep for staying Pencil dicks.... fat white women are going to stick the totally asian in like a fucking kangaroo for getting any pleasure... I often see the asian kitchenware saying hunny I actually keep banging your chin and she be like ohhh it soo gooooodLike your kangaroo! LMAO. Hi If I have to apply for their employment as a server rooms for oh a long time.. Uhm Wh free furniture catalog free furniture catalog at must do. The restraunt When i worked at is without a doubt on east shore now closed... black-jack shoe leather, baby, requires shoe leather, a small number of references, and many talking to operators. Prepare a package, simple, concise, thatcan hand off once you have the opportunity to seek the advice of the manager along at the restaurant you just walked wwwwwwwwwww(when it's slow).

Learn about wear to the second interview This may be a little forward about my part but I had put together an interview about wed. that went very well. Of course I wore a suit to it, but most people there were wearing kahkis and polo shirts or similar to that. (it's a technical support job in the hospital) If these do me back does a person wear a satisfy again or does a person dress more prefer they do? Dress yourself in a suit plus tie You should dress the way everyone else dresses air brushing flames air brushing flames If they hire you, never before. First impressions are important and you could meet with someone who wears any suit and wrap and expects precisely the same in an interview. go in the nude.. its a hospital they will surely have to do a credit ranking, drug, alochol plus rectal tests anywaywhen around doubt ALWAYS dress by a professional unless specifiy asked not to take some action. some companies under no circumstances re-hire people they lay off regardless of whether they have an openning they realise that person proved themselves in for years. Probably because company is afraid the employee wouldn't be loyal... and they are right.

exactly what happened? I tried to find stock online but it really didn't let me buy. I was mandated to the local part to trade. They told there have been some restrictions (can't explain) on that stock which primarily allowed me to promote online but not to ever buy. what materialized. Maybe you've also been free riding? them and get. same thing that's been happening for several weeks by my reckoning since it's not necessarily in the newsmedia, it has basiy no buzzword (tagline) to explain is due to streamlining computer program code in electronic tradings there's every chance to continue for many people more months without any, I have no chek out data/news about this -- Now i'm posting my personal opinion based on my own research and thoughts with regards to the matters of profit and marketswas the software an OTC stock options? Over the counter- not likely on major alternate stay away their particular unless you really know this company well. All firms have restricted directories for various good reasons, usually illiquid assuming stocks with significant turnover.