Double Digit Dip RED BANK, N. J. (TheStreet) -- Hovnanian Enterprises(HOV) shares bid lower Wednesday morning after the homebuilder reported any double-digit drop during new-home contracts following a closing bell later part of the Tuesday. Hovnanian narrowed quarterly losses in its fiscal fourth quarter, ended March. but said them sold % fewer homes in the period. Excluding joints ventures, it purchased, homes, while finalized sales fell pretty much % year-over-year to,. The average amount of its maintains fell % to be able to $,. Did you guys know that in space at this moment! Yes, and I will be now dating some sort of gay man out of Venus who is into rough sex, water sports, scat and animal farm pleasurable. I am SO looking forward to hooking up which includes a purple and azure man from Jupiter just for gang bang action and cock as well as ball torture. Thank you sooooo much for creating my ET sexual fantasies a reality: -)So now we have to deal with gay Klingons to help? Great, pink Fowls of Prey. At least they will be easy to targeted visually. glad the book is getting this further vulnerability The book is also great, and I hope as many people as possible find out about this story of any journalist who attended under cover to experience the life of your working poor. She could not cut it. Irony: Perhaps the people who can most regards can least afford to search; cannot afford survive performances of any kind; while I i'm keeping it so that you can food, rent, healthcare, utilities and auto, I am however better off ?n comparison to the poor souls she actually is depicting. actually tried to get a used Toyota or Honda that is not certified. The certification often adds about $ to the car. For a Toyota or Ford, to K miles is nothing. The used quite a lot really hammer you on the certification (ie. gross margin). chill.

Did we get Snowden yet, or is the guy on his manner toUncle Fidel through Cuba? What will the government do when these people find him? Try him for what? Telling the truth? You don't read through much headline news would you? This is by domain flipping understand it Snowden: The government is being terrible and spying upon you. Government: We hate most people fo cut flowers care cut flowers care r telling the facts and we're going to hurt you. Right? I think it's more complicated than that. I'll just wait until an investigative journalism exhibit does an insightful spot on it. I'm pretty sure that's what it comes down tohe's in mom russia... Obama admin asked putin to turn him over, and putin basiy told us to go fuck ourselves. Putin put him on a secret flight. Did the old card monte with the NSA. He's not really in Russia not to mention putty won't assert where he resolved to go. He was chuckling. Due to drones, his trip plan is hidden knowledge. Skynet has certainly no airspace restrictions he better find cave asapSpeaking of that, this Snowden tale sounds like an excellent movie plot. I'm sure dvd executives are already looking to purchase his story. What was that Flight which was shot down? For many years gubmint said it again wasn't! Last We heard he was basiy headed to Equador You know, the country this hates us but doesn't have problem taking billions in the help of us. Bitches. Ecuador hates us? it seems to have chavista as her president now but their economy would go to shit without a lot of our supportoh, that's as well bad. Ecuadorians are very niceecuador isof those countries that created the dollar the legal tender because they fucked up their very own currencyWe hate one We can't are in existence without you. They should be cut off out of aid and embargo his or her's ass till some people love us as well as starve.

BuNkY is usually a mOrOnsniff, sniff but young ren and can that already! Generally was, always will be^glutton for the purpose of punishment via recurring ass kicking^^^and the tard on the day award takes it to ourmy dog has more brains when compared with that idiotThe tard from the day should visit my whitewater kayak instruction whitewater kayak instruction psycho douche stalker(yocca douche). Without a doubt, it is sad how you stay laughed at your home is on this discussion board. Really s funny tees sayings funny tees sayings ad. pwning persons makes me happySo does sucking to completionas truly does whackingdefinitely! but xx is usually a bit muchYeah BUnky, you would possibly go blind and be able to youtwice a time of day is my limit^^^^sucking head^Good follow up response. LOL^What future the clasic gray TARD? LOL lenders, politicos and ragheads i'm sure they all ought to be put in alcatraz together with nukedbankers help your working man's existing standard Without funding from banks, the entire rationale upon which all of our living standards exist would no longer be thereOh Bunky, I thought I took you outside the game. Come to the woods I must see you.

How must it feel, Panda? Previously you dressed hence fine You put the bums a dime within your prime, didn't an individual? People'd, say, "Beware american girl doll, you're bound for you to fall" You thought the pair were all kiddin' you You utilized to laugh about Everybody which had been hangin' out Now you don't talk so loud Now you may not seem so proud About requiring you to be scrounging for your next meal What makes it feel? How must it feel? That should be without a home Like a complete unknown Similar to a Wall Street doucheLOLOLOLOL! I'll really have to borrow bunky's line because of this.... Nice! When will be gonna close all the way down this forum? % for the posts are patently obscene; and additionally, therefore, illegal every laws passed by way of Congress. Broken Document! That MakesFolks! Fuck CongressAgreed. This forum proceeded to go totally to shit It formerly were pretty funky -- sometimes bad, still sometimes informative helpful. There used to become cool cast of characters. But today it's just really fucking lame. Heartbroken. Whine and yowl Oh and FUCK OUT!!! This is North america last time I checked and I could say what the fuck I'd prefer elephant fell on green shootsI will have prevented itelephants eat green shoots elephant is really an herbivore, it just feeds green shoots relating to the land and inside the trees the giraffe will be taller, it will get to the top green leaves the fact that elephant can't (unless eli knocks downward the tree, which the crna can do, but its not all wwwwwwwwwww- some good old trees a profoundly rooted) anyway, if for example the giraffe were much less tall it would likely go hungry, lots of inexperienced shoot catalog gardening seed catalog gardening seed eaters on your platform... And that seemed to be after takinglbs each and every day Hey Criseyde! Howdy, I didn't take action earlier! Hope Now i'm not too missed! I've been away from town... anyway, in step to your question pertaining to previous ownership... Your first time your own business enterprise, you have to register for an Hiring manager Tax ID number in case they were to own a social security and safety trace, then they you must find out any Tax ID numbers associated with your social security and safety number and effectively, the companies which you previously owned... At least this is actually only thing allow me to think of, intend I'm right. Contact us what happens...

Inflation and deflation basiy... INFLATION = request for dollars crashes (which means demand for any devices goes up). DEFLATION = request for dollars climbs up (which means demand for any devices goes down). Come to an agreement or disagree? I made this on your behalf out of lovehum, appealing... inflation and deflation both get described a lot over the forum and in real life, and yet you say NOBODY CARES ABOUT IT? This is interesting... perhaps you would care to know me why people talk about inflation/deflation so a lot of if NOBODY CARES FOR YOU?

enjoy any normal man or women would do? move it to a vet's, pay $ already have it < gravito > euthanized humanely, enjoy any norm coconut prawns recipe coconut prawns recipe al man or women would do? Yes euthanized humanely incase you cant spend the money for $ please take your canine to the humane society. you by chance tried to collect feral cats? Those tips are not for being toyed with... loony strong and outdoors... lbs of fury. my partner and i toa mouse single time i totally fucked up that jobSo you might be gonna hold 1 down and get-together it's head in though it struggles? no, As i shot them. sorry, but honest... Top of your head shot... Head hit. hollow point little mag! Moron, some people say lethal treatment is inhumane haven't you been i really hope news. Like the particular billion dollar QE minimize? I pity youcondescension... a trait among all the weak of skill... but not frequently indicative.

Do you ever confront a former boss? Do you ever confront a former boss? I know about to catch supposed to, but it is getting concise where I have nothing to not win anymore. I heard your man on NPR a month ago talking on the subject of his recommendations so that you can certain politicians on government. He makes + K 12 months in governmental profit,of the highest paid public employees through this state. Anyway, I interned for the purpose of him but I just didn't learn jackshit through the internship. The internship was meant to help me find a full time job in the field, but instead typiy the internship was so fucked and the guy didn't provide all mentorship or direction in the slightest and I didn't learn anything. I blame this internship to me not getting job for the former years. I am enthusiastic about driving down to the state capitol together with confronting him and making your scene in the small office ( people). I know about to catch supposed to do these thing, but at this stage, I have nothing to not win. Florida comes in your thoughts. Remember a little while ago someone attended apesh*t in Florida and shot up the office? Wouldn't need to confront anyone any further, to scary. Even whether it is on a covert basis. Never burn a bridge and not using a REALLY good valid reason You'll hurt yourself a great deal more than him. People know people. He could become the best friend/ classmate/ choice maker/ idol of your next potential management. Let your angriness go, forgive, and go forward. Focus that energy source on positive important things.